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Faith-driven community to find meaningful internships, make helpful connections and learn new skills

How We Help You

CoPassion is faith-driven and is like a "LinkedIn for College Students and recent graduates." 

You can:

  • Find meaningful internships
  • Make helpful connections
  • Learn new skills

We bring together all the right people and opportunities so that students can make helpful connections, find meaningful internships and learn new skills to enhance the higher education experience.

In CoPassion you can also grow in Christian community through groups, discipleship and Christ-centered guides to help you live with God, discover your unique calling and fulfill the great commission by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are a college student/recent grad YOU have a world changing purpose and an unique calling to fulfill. We are here to help with that...

If you are a Christian professional, business owner or executive we are inviting you to make a difference in this generation primarily through offering internships.

If you are college or university we provide an engaging community design with white labeled "how to" courses and resources to launch your students into their career. Our platform encourages deeper alumni relations which results in increased giving, inspired mentoring and meaningful internship opportunities for your students.

Our online community, groups, courses, digital resources and internships enhance the higher education experience and inspire college students to become the Christ-centered leaders the world needs.

In order to join CoPassion without being a student you must be a:

A Big Thanks

Thank you for taking this important step to fulfill your calling in Christ or to help someone else to do the same.

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